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[info]newamsterdam [16 May 2021|04:42pm]

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[16 May 2020|06:11pm]

clari owens
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[06 Jun 2017|11:55am]
comments screened. anon allowed.
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[20 May 2017|01:38pm]
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[25 Mar 2016|09:58pm]
i didn't write it, but i could've
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[21 Feb 2016|07:12pm]
pro-tip: backdating an entry because you don't agree with the comments you're getting just kinda makes you look silly. *mic drop*
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[17 Jun 2015|11:11pm]
i have never been so singularly disgusted in my entire life.

FFA [26 Jan 2015|09:09pm]

let snoopy lead you into a world of nonsense.
this, is your snowed in, there's a fucking blizzard coming ffa

anon is on. comments are off. if it gets out of hand, i will shut this
shit down so quick your heads will spin. there may be nudity and other nsfw things.

this is your warning.
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